[amsat-bb] NLASO website

Bruce Robertson broberts at mta.ca
Tue Jul 31 15:26:25 PDT 2007


Let me join the chorus of well-wishers for your group's project. In my
opinion, it is an excellent one to undertake: the triple-cubesat design
seems just about right in terms of volume; and by documenting and
open-sourcing your work, you will provide an fine basis for others who
might want follow in your footsteps.  I think especially of future
collaborations between amateurs and university programs, where the amateurs
provide the comms expertise, and the university funds a research project,
at whose end the comms. are used for amateurs, much like Delfi C3. 

I note also the Sat on a PCB concept at http://wiki.amsat.dk/index.php I
hope in contrast that your project will seriously consider a linear
transponder. I think that the clever social engineering of the VO-52 folks
has proven that a linear transponder can successfully be shared around the
globe by FM users where necessary and SSB/CW users in places where this is
a more sensible use of the device. 

73, Bruce

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