[amsat-bb] AO-7 & 'James' mis-spelt.

John Hackett archie.hackett at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 30 17:29:11 PDT 2007

Hi All,
        I'm being "innundated" ... (well, 2 actually) ... with corrections 
to my mis-spelt 'Jimmie' (as in Jimi Hendrix) in regard to my earlier AO-7 

I humbly apologise for my error and have reprogrammed my single remaining 
active braincell with the correct spelling.

I've also been asked twice in the last 20 minutes for the mode of AO-7 at 
the time. It was mode-B ... which is clearly shown for every QSO on the AO-7 
Resource Page at ...



The hourglass editor should only work when you have ticked the "Remember me 
next time" checkbox which you will find below and to the right of the 
"Submit contact" button.

73 John.   <la2qaa at amsat.org>

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