[amsat-bb] AO-51 SSB/FM ops

Alan P. Biddle APBIDDLE at mailaps.org
Tue Jul 24 08:13:44 PDT 2007


Worked the first two passes today from EM65.  Nobody on the first, so it was
a good chance to net the uplink frequency.  There were 4-5 people on the
second pass.  

A few observations.  It is very obvious who has computer control of the
radio.  Intelligibility is as with any of the passband birds, except on
AO-51 you fall completely out of the passband quickly, rather than just
slide up it, and of course you can't compensate on the downlink.  Folks
using manual frequency control had little luck with a QSO.  Those with
SATPC32 or equivalent could work similar to the FM/FM mode.

In this mode the RX is relatively sensitive, but I did need a beam to get a
good uplink, though the output was only 1-2 watts.  In FM mode, I frequently
work a pass using my Arrow J-Pole with 5-10 watts due to operator error, but
that was obviously not enough with SSB uplink except around TCA.

So come on out and join the fun.  Last time, I recall several passes where
both voice and CW QSOs were accomplished at the same time.


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