[amsat-bb] Coax for UHF to Microwaves

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at amsat.org
Thu Jul 19 16:54:56 PDT 2007

I happened upon a chance, at a very small (but fun!) hamfest on Sunday 
to get my hands on some LMR 600 coax, which I'd hoped to use at 
2m/70cm.  Turns out it was too short for my 110' tower (building at 
base).  In followup, I have a chance of some 1 1/4 Andrew heliax, or 
some 7/8 andrew heliax.

I'd hoped to run one line for 2m (dedicated) an another to be switched 
among 220, 432, 900, 1296, 2304, and 3456. 

I'm seeking <1db loss at 2m and < 3db on the other bands.

The Andrew datasheet says 3.3GHz is the max frequency for the 1 1/8, 
which I'm really tempted to buy based on price and the expensive 
acccessories that come with it.  BUT, if I take the mfr data literally, 
it won't work on 3456.

Question:  Does anybody have any idea whether or not the 1 1/8 can be 
"pushed" to 3456?  Or does the loss really start screaming up above 3300?

Thanks & 73,
wb4gcs at amsat.org

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