[amsat-bb] Re: [Nova-Net] Kep update procedure

Dale Kubichek n6jsx at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 09:34:27 PDT 2007

    I just tried to download the latest Keps and found "NO" Keps to be download ed per NOVA program from Space-Track.org. 

In the past month I've seen a number of messages relating to Space-Track.org not having valid Keps or Keps available on the site. Since Space-Track.org is run by the government I can only imagine a normal snafu is happening and Space-Track.org has bigger fish to fry. 

It's just to bad that Space-Track.org cannot indicate the operations of their site on their home page - to eliminate our guessing as to where the Kep problem resides.   

Kuby, N6JSX /8

Don Richards <donsay2 at cox.net> wrote: I have not updated Keps for my Nova for Windows for quite some time and 
my "auto" update procedure does not seem to work...is there a problem 
with using Space-Track.org?

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