[amsat-bb] Newest list of all satellites known to the Union of Concerned Scientists

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Thu Jul 12 15:40:41 PDT 2007

For your perusing pleasure...


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Subject: Satellite Database Update 7-12-2007 Union of ConcernedScientists

> A new version of the UCS Satellite Database, which includes launches
> through July 1, 2007, has been posted at
> http://ucsusa.org/satellite_database.
> The new Excel format file is called
> *UCS_Satellite_Database_7-12-07.xls* and the tab-delimited text
> version is called *UCS_Satellite_Database_7-12-07.txt*.
> The tab-delimited text version in which the *Name* column contains
> only the official name of the satellite in the case of government and
> military satellites, and the most commonly used name in the case of
> commercial and civil satellites is called
> *UCS_Satellite_Database_officialname_7-12-07.txt*.
> The changes to this version of the database include:
> The addition of 32 satellites
> The deletion of 22 inactive satellites
> The addition of and corrections to some satellite data
> We have incorporated your corrections and suggestions as we were able,
> and continue to welcome your comments.
> The UCS Satellite Database Manager
> SatelliteData at ucsusa.org 

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