[amsat-bb] Source for L-Band Preamplifier and Bias Tee?

Eric A. Cottrell wb1hbu at runbox.com
Tue Jul 10 20:04:51 PDT 2007


I am looking for a Low Noise Preamplifier for L Band and a Bias Tee.

Down East Microwave seems to be closed for the summer.  I was looking at
one of their 1296 MHz Preamps and wonder if it could work outside the
band, like at 1090 MHz.  I got a 1569 MHz preamplifier for GOES but do
not have a Bias Tee to try it.  The ones I saw were either for up to 1
GHz, or for up to 40+ GHz ($$$).

I got a WinRadio WR-LNA-1500 at Dayton but I did not get a chance to
really try it.  The WR-LNA-1500 managed to fry two of my receiver's
front-ends then destroyed itself when I ran it off of vehicle power.
This was before I realized what was going on.  The US WinRadio Service
Center is checking with Australia HQ to see if they fix that model.  So
I would rather not buy the Winradio Bias Tee just in case there are more
problems.  Are there any surplus places that sell Bias Tees?  I can deal
with SMA connectors.

I tried searching for kits or construction articles for preamplifiers
but only found some stuff overseas.  Do I have to wait for DEM to reopen?

73 Eric

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