[amsat-bb] DC-feeding through Coaxial on PA?

SV1BSX sv1bsx at yahoo.gr
Wed Feb 28 07:03:09 PST 2007

  Hi all,

 just I wonder if is acceptable the power feeding of a mast UHF-linear (ie 100 W behind of Antenna)
through the same Coaxial cable (200 ft) for RF-driving.
Yes I know, it's a common method with mast Pre-Amps etc. But, when the RF-power input-driving of Linear is 
high enough, ie 20 W or more, is it safe & acceptable to feed the DC-power voltage together with
RF-signal on a common Coaxial?  
 Ofcourse in the input of Linear I will put the necessary  "DC-block cap" & RF-chokes with additional
components in order to separate high enough the DC-feeding from RF-signal and a High-Power "T-Bias" 
down in the Shack. 
However I wonderering... I don't like the "toasted"  MRF transistors ! 

Anyone has experience with that?

Thanks in advance

73, Mak SV1BSX

sv1bsx at yahoo.gr

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