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Like one of these...   http://www.hi-z.com/websit04.htm

More Thermoelectric Generator Manufacturers referenced here:

Steven WI2W

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Last week there was an interesting debate about raising the altitude of
satellite by using magnertic fields.
Carrying on the wacky ideas theme, I've been looking at producing power
using thermocouples and not solar cells.
Question: Does anyone know the 'current' or the impedance of the voltage

source represented by a thermocouple?
A thermocouple generates an emf (voltage) proportional to the difference
temperature between its two junctions.
Given that we know a white object in space gets very cold, while
gets very hot it's interesting looking at the possibility of
power....Even if it's just to understand its limitations
A thermocouple can be made very small so it should be possible to  
manufacture an array of them in a reasonable space. 
Example:  A junction of two wires, one made from constantan and  one
Chromel will generate a voltage of 58 microvolts for every degree
between the junctions.
That means for a 100 degree C difference you  generate  5.8mV. For 350
junctions in a chain you generate 2.03 V and for 6 chains (if you wanted
to risk all those junctions in series) you  
could have 12.18V
But.........how much power can you draw from it ??
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