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Here is a long overdue and richly deserved THANK YOU for all
the wonderful work you all do on the AMSAT Journal.  I also
read every issue cover-to-cover, including all the ads too.

Vy 73,

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I'm very glad you like it! It's definitely a labor of love for Bill and me. 
Thanks very much for the kind words.

The contributors really make it possible. I really appreciate all the great 
writers we have that contribute to the Journal.


Ed Long
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   I have been traveling for almost all of 2007 and just have not had
   time to catch up on the backlog of magazines and many other
   publications received.

   Last night I was able to kick back with a cup of coffee and the
   latest AMSAT Journal (Jan/Feb 2007) and just couldn't put it down
   until I had consumed every word. The topics covered seemed a good mix
   of technical and anecdotal account; the writing and editing work is

   As AMSAT-NA members, we are fortunate to have such talented people
   creating a publication that links us all together with the
   information required to take full advantage of those assets on orbit
   or under construction.

   AMSAT-BB can be an interesting place if you are willing to sift
   through the noise to find a little signal. On the other hand, the
   Journal is a clear source of concise information and for anyone who
   is either active or has an interest in satellite operation, it alone
   is worth the price of membership. How many messages do we see here
   every month asking the same questions over and over? Those questions
   are answered, and in detail in the Journal.

   One example, "Why Can't I Hear AO-51?" by Mark Spencer, WA8SME is a
   short but definitive treatise on the subject and it really gets to
   the heart of that same old question asked here many times and in many
   ways. You want opinions, toss your question out on the -BB and you'll
   get plenty. You want answers. join AMSAT and get the Journal.

   "Bravo" and "Kudos" to Ed Long, Bill Hook and all those whose hard
   work on the Journal is so obviously visible in the end product.

   Thanks, 73

   Jeff Davis, KE9V
   ke9v at mac.com<mailto:ke9v at mac.com>

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