[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT Journal

Bob Witte K0NR list at k0nr.com
Sun Feb 25 06:55:28 PST 2007

Jeff Davis, KE9V Wrote:

    One example, "Why Can't I Hear AO-51?" by Mark Spencer, WA8SME is a
    short but definitive treatise on the subject and it really gets to
    the heart of that same old question asked here many times and in
    many ways. You want opinions, toss your question out on the -BB and
    you'll get plenty. You want answers. join AMSAT and get the Journal.
    "Bravo" and "Kudos" to Ed Long, Bill Hook and all those whose hard
    work on the Journal is so obviously visible in the end product.
    Thanks, 73

This is a must read article for folks working the FM LEOs. It provides 
some important technical reality around working the sats with an HT.
Hint: it is all about hearing the bird. Nice job, Mark.

73, Bob K0NR

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