[amsat-bb] Re: Advice on antennas for working the LEO's

TOFFY hs0nnu at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 20:59:26 PST 2007

>The other aspect I'm wondering about is cross polarization losses, 
>the way that I plan to have it configured is with the 2 meter section 
>horizontal and the 70 cm vertical. So would that be significant for the LEO's?

Dear Gary and All

I have use . A homebrew antenna 2 Band on same boom. 
2m. band is 5ele. Horizontal and the 70 cm. 9ele. vertical on boom length about 1.7 m. 
Have distance 0.5m. between 2 Driven element.(1/4 lamda on TX band)
Base Design each band from DK7ZB Yagi antenna. A boom is elevation-Lock at 15 degree and use only azimuth rotator. antenna height about 5 m.
I can use AO-51,FO-29,ISS,RAFT,ANDE,AO-7(mode-A only) ,VO52(RX only) and monitor all CW Cube-sat at NOT over 40 degree elevation. Signal have QSB on FM satallite. Sometime can work low to 3 degree elevation.
At high elevation I switch to use Moxon on 2m. and Quadrifilar Helicol on 70cm.

73s de Toff

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