[amsat-bb] Re: Advice on antennas for working the LEO's

David - M0ZLB m0zlb at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 21 04:00:29 PST 2007

Hi Gary, welcome to the world of satellites.

Don't get too bogged down initially with antenna issues. Although I have 
the directional beams, pre-amps, rotators, controls etc - none of it is 
in the air at present and I work the LEO's with a single 2m/70cm 
collinear at about 40'. A very good friend of mine, David G8OQW also 
uses the same set up so if you need any help (if I am qualified to give 
any!), then please e-mail me off list!

With this config I can work VO-52 and FO-29 very successfully and AO-51 
sometimes - its actually more of a challenge working them that way! Of 
course the ISS (when its operational) is a doddle with this antenna.

You are right, the Arrow handheld is not available from any UK retailers 
but if you have a word with Jim Heck of AMSAT - UK, he could probably 
help you out if he has any or put you on the waiting list for one. I 
bring back a dozen or so for him when I return from the US and may be 
coming back with some in March.



Gary McKelvie wrote:
> Hi to the List,
> My names Gary,  I'm just getting started in the sats, initially 
> looking to work the LEO's with FO 29 in particular.
> The station is going to consist of a Yaesu FT 847 cat controlled by 
> Ham Radio Delux to control the radio for Doppler.
> It's suitable antennas that I have a problem with from web pages etc 
> a lot of people seem to use the arrow antenna,
> which unfortunately as far as I can see is not available here in the UK.
> There is an antenna by Tonna which is a 9 element on 2 and 19 element 
> on 70 claimed gain is 13 dBi on 2 16 dBi on 70.
> The feed line I will be using to get to the antenna will be a short 
> run of West Flex 103 (which is half the loss of RG 213)
> I'm hoping to avoid the use of pre amps if possible as getting power 
> to them is a problem.
> This antenna set up will be temporary in nature, with it being set up 
> each time it is in use.
> I will be able to rotate the antenna in azimuth by hand or using a 
> azimuth rotator.
> So would this setup work?
> So really all I'm not sure is how effective this setup will be and am 
> looking for ideas and suggestions.
> Regards
> Gary G7USC
> Gary McKelvie
> Web : www.garym.org.uk
> Mobile : +447968501863
> MSN Messenger : gm7usc at hotmail.com
> So Long and Thanks for all the Fish 
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