[amsat-bb] Re: Report on Echo in the Middle School Classroom

Nick Pugh quadpugh at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 21 02:30:06 PST 2007

Hi Bruce

Your power point presentation and this email are being forwarded to the head 
of the education department at the University of Louisiana. The have agreed 
to partner with the CAPE Team on there next sat. CAPE II will fly an 
educational payload. They are in the processing of figuring what they will 
fly. A parrot repeater and a easy way to decode temp, voltage and currents 
are in the works. Included in the mission is the kitting of a yagi and a up 
converter that will use a FRS radio to listen to the sat. The team thinks 
they might get the cost to < $50.  The team is looking for input on the pay 

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From: "Bruce Robertson" <broberts at mta.ca>

> Gang:
> After two mornings of teaching a total of three 50min classes, I can say
> that a presentation based around AMSAT activities (and Echo specifically)
> works very well at the 6th grade level. However, the students were already
> engaged in a science curriculum regarding basic aeronautics, astronomy and
> planets, and they were about to discuss satellites to a greater or lesser
> degree in the coming weeks.

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