[amsat-bb] US launch vehicle history [was: Re: Godwin's law]

Margaret Leber maggie at voicenet.com
Tue Feb 20 15:17:56 PST 2007

 From: Patrick McGrane [mailto:N2OEQ at aceweb.com]

> The US brought Werner Von Braun here to the US to design rockets
> which included the Atlas 5.

Check your history. Von Braun worked on Redstone and
Jupiter/Jupiter-C, since he was working for the Army. The original
Atlas was the work of Karel Jan Bossart (who came to the US from
Belgium in 1930), and was a USAF project.  Von Braun left the Army to
work for NASA at Marshall in 1960, where he led the Saturn program.

Atlas 5 was a *much* more recent program, it even came after Atlas II.
The first Atlas 5 flight was in 2002.

Folks who read all of the thread in question know  who *actually*
busted Godwin's Law first. :-)

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