[amsat-bb] Re: Another Diatribe by Luc that has nothing to do with AMSAT

Gregg Wonderly w5ggw at cox.net
Tue Feb 20 15:40:27 PST 2007

Ernie Howard wrote:
> You poor brainwashed simple minded ignorant moron.
> You've been watching too many left wing canadian news shows. A few unlawful 
> acts by several solders out of several hundred thousand.... You have more 
> crime in your city than that..... Should we lock you up and call you a 
> lawbreaker because of a few of your fellow citizens?

I was trying hard to not respond, but this is am important point.  Everyone has 
freewill and the ability to act out of their own accord.  Just because someone 
is associated with a larger group does not imply that all members of any such 
group condone, support or would/have carry out similar acts.

Unfortunately, only in the U.S. does this seem to be a recognized 
differentiating factor.  So, we have issues around the world where other 
nations, races and bodies believe that if one will/shall all will/shall.

It will always be that way.  The sooner everyone recognizes it, and accepts that 
people have these feelings.  The easier it will be to help them understand that 
we are all individuals.  Forever, humans have tried to group and constrain based 
on various character traits and attributes.  It's what has fueled discrimination 
and wars for eons.

Someday, we can only hope, that things like the global communications will help 
these people, who seem to live in isolation, gain some insight into how limited 
their experiences are, and how much it restricts what they can truely experience 
and enjoy in life.

Gregg Wonderly

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