[amsat-bb] Re: Could we raise orbit thru magnetorque?

lu7abf lu7abf at amsat.org.ar
Mon Feb 19 17:02:56 PST 2007

Wise answer. Tks! David ! It will change assumption.

Idea is like having a magnet with its south pole pointing to earth when satellite is over earth north (which is a magnet south). It is supposed to be repelled. Instead of magnet a coil with controllable current will be used. 

Tks again !
Best 73, Pedro Converso
lu7abf at amsat.org.ar

In a message dated 19/02/2007 21:50:04 GMT Standard Time, lu7abf at amsat.org.ar writes:

    Argument is:  if when satellite is in the north, a north magnetic field is applied on z plane, will satellite raise orbit ? Same but opposite on south. Considering limited energy available could this raise be significant if applied on all orbits ?. 


  Very interesting. Don't know the answer.

  However, if you are in the North then you need to generate a 'south pole' to repel the satellite.

  -Remember, the geographic north pole is a magnetic south pole-  That's why the north pole of your compass points towards it.



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