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Mr Davies- I enjoy seeing posts from luc. I dont always agree with him but support to right to free expression, something many people died for to preserve. He may be wrong at times but if you are expressive, you will get it right sometimes. I'm an american citizen who is disappointed that Americans drafted Werner Von Braun of Nazi fame to design the atlas 5 rocket for the appollo missions back in the 60's so luc isnt too far off. Take your blinders off. I have no problem with patriotism but in the extreme it led to the rise of the nazis in the 30's. Take the middle road and be open minded and maybe you wont repeat the mistakes of the past.

As an observation, people are getting too personal on this BB. Simply delete the mail if you dont like it.
No flames please, but you have the right!

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 I propose that all who are tired of this individual poisoning what is 
otherwise a peaceful and productive environment with his abusive and 
slanderous posts against an organization that I for one am proud to be 
part of and will continue to support. Sign this petition or make it be 
known in some fashion that you are tired of this kind of behavior and 
that Luc Leblanc VE2DWE be blocked from the AMSAT and all affiliated -bb 

 To compare the US Air Force Academy and AMSAT to the NAZI V-1 and V-2 
rockets is ludicrous.

1.Robert Davies

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