[amsat-bb] Need helpers at SEA PAC hamfest, June 2-3

Wayne Estes w9ae at charter.net
Sun Feb 18 23:13:11 PST 2007

It's a bit early to put out the request, but I want to get some 
satellite-related traffic on the bb.

I plan to run an AMSAT booth at the SEA PAC hamfest in Seaside, Oregon 
on June 2-3.  I've run AMSAT booths before, usually with little or no 
help.  But AMSAT can be represented more effectively if I can get 
helpers.  Even better, I'm hoping somebody could volunteer to make some 
demonstration satellite contacts using a handheld radio and Arrow antenna.

Please let me know if you would be willing to help me run the AMSAT 
booth or if you could arrange to make demo satellite contacts.


Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik

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