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  Big deal on the Abu Ghraib stuff, they were paid local volunteers to be in 
the pictures. The guy she is pointing to was her boy friend at the time. I 
spent a career in the US Navy & believe me our Canadian counterparts to the 
north taught me a few things about having some fun. I can understand your 
frustration about the military as you don't have one anymore to speak of 
must be the tolerance for drinking on the job thing.

  Yes I do love a lively discussion & have the 38k4 tests
gone as hoped?

73 Bruce KG4YEV

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On 15 Feb 2007 at 21:06, Robert Davies wrote:

>  To compare the US Air Force Academy and AMSAT to the NAZI V-1 and V-2
> rockets is ludicrous.

What's funny on this BB is many are interpreting the text with what they 
silently. Probably afraid to be honest up to a point  to reveal what they
really think about "real questions".

The fact you don't want to hear someone else opinion is just another proof 
the general idea behind a post make's you feel bad (And i understand this
completely human) Just look at the pictures on the link below and JUST give 
one sound answer why AMSAT-NA and all the worldwide satellite users should
endorse "the military". For one i don't wants to be associated to this in
anyway. If some cannot clean their own rank's they should take the liability 
their pairs. It is what's we called assuming your own actions.

I ask also the same towards  K7ZT Joe Westbrook, MSgt., USAF Retired. He 
"Just a reminder, if it wasn't for the United States Military, there 
be a Satellite" He was answered back on his other untrue statement by 
Leber "But it's entirely untrue that Canada doesn't support space 
even if she also seems to questioned this BB is "unmoderated" i can ask her 
if the pictures and actions depicted below where also made by lunatics? Is 
whole army is a bunch of "lunatics" I understand private are trained to obey
orders by a subtile brain washing system could be the fact to lived in a
context where your commander in chief "LIE" to the world about mass 
arms can have some influence on judgement to a point to endorse the actions
reported on the link below. Another explanation is if you commit in your 
acts much worse than the one depicted below you are now immunized to human's
right globally and you tend to associate rather than dissociate with those

Mr former MSgt did i understand you are endorsing the acts depicted below 
you want us that  " we cooperate with our friends at the USAFA"?

Please clarify yourself but don't tell us lies... we used to be accustomed 
your commander in chief and followers trend.Try to be honest at least once 
this one.

Here is the link, look at it and try to convince the rest of the world that
AMSAT-NA and the amateur radio international community should endorse this
statement from Andrew Glasbrenner, KO4MA "please be patient as we cooperate
with our friends at the USAFA.

The link:


What i refer to in my statement below is exactly this "suffer the 
of you acts even if at the base root actions where legitimate, the end 
is often disastrous.

"Just an historical note. There was a bunch of rocket scientist in 
who from 1936 to 1943 where making also scientific rocket search and test 
you probably know also  their final product! the V-1 and V-2 rocket."

If you believe this text is "To compare the US Air Force Academy and AMSAT 
the NAZI V-1 and V-2"  It's your own interpretation ans i respect it!

As many private post received,  this one give all the magnitude of the 
climate down the border

 "Finally, if freedom of expression is not valid here, please let me know.

Gary Memory, N7BRJ"

Can we conclude now the words is "hypocrisy" and "lies" is driving the 
of a whole country?

Another last question here. In the promotion of the DEMOCRACY since the last 
years where forces has been used to implement it. How many of theses really
resulted in a real free one today?

The answer will help you understand why AMSAT-NA and the international
community should not endorse direct cooperation with any military forces and 
amateur satellite funded by HAM'S international donations should not be used 
help military forces with any amateur radio IARU designated satellie as 
or any other amateur radio satellite.

I know some are willing to prostitute for money does not mean this BB is
available to all for whatever lunatic propaganda suits them some are saying. 
called this an excuse to prostitution and as i wrote in the past "Stupidity 
no sex" {uprorious laughter ensues}

Own words making more sense in other context...

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

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