[amsat-bb] Re: How to de-ice your antennas and rotors by K1XT

Jim Walls k6ccc at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 15 22:38:00 PST 2007

Kyle Yoksh wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I found this the other day while surfing the web. Hope you get a good laugh 
> like I did:
> Many years ago on a cold winter morning I was at the house of good ham 
> friend of mine during a contest. A small ice storm had passed through during 
> the night and the antennas had refused to turn. "Jim. The Yagi is frozen," I 
> said. "We'll get it turning," he said calmly. "Come on." I followed him to 
> the door and before stepping out, he grabbed a 410 shotgun that had been 
> standing by the door. We walked out into the back yard, and I watched him as 
> he proceeded to fire several rounds of bird shot at the yagi and rotor. It 
> was humorous to say the least as I watched the ice explode from the elements 
> at each shot. In short, that took care of it. And when up working on the 
> antennas that spring, I never noticed any damage to them. "Over the years I 
> have perfected the load," he told me one day. "I load about dozen shells in 
> the fall in anticipation." Funny to see, but it sure worked.

I have a better idea.  Move to southern California!

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