[amsat-bb] CW and Doppler Corretcion / other stuff

sraas@optonline.net sraas at optonline.net
Sat Feb 10 08:38:22 PST 2007

Just a quick question ,

Im running SatPC32... and just got my bencher hooked up to the rig. Worked a few stations and its loads of fun, however.. I'de like to know a few things...I have my program set up for 10 hz resolution, so every 10 hz it changes ( trying to keep it steady). What do most of you have it set for?

Also is there a 'portion' of the birds ( any bird ) downlink that should be used for CW .. ie..  keep CW low.. and keep ssb high?

I'm sure there is a nice learning curve to working cw on the sats.. pen in one hand... finger on downlink calibrator button for the pc, while sending code. The antennas here are broad enough that i can lead the bird.. and make a cq and be ok with a good downlink...so thats really not becomming an issue... yet.


-Steve Raas

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