[amsat-bb] Adding a Pre-amp to a standard tranciever

sraas@optonline.net sraas at optonline.net
Sat Feb 3 15:35:36 PST 2007

I am considering my next station upgrade to be mast mounted preamp(s). I prefer the NON R.F. switching type due to their general better performance/cost and leaving me the ability to run QRO is need be in the future. 
My only experience is using a preamp with a transverter where there are seperate RX and TX lines. Now I do fully understand that you cannot TX threw these devices. My radio DOES have the ability to send DC voltage threw the coax while recieving ( IC 820H ). Even tho the radio can do this, I just dont understand how it works or if I would still need to use a sequencer. And even at all that... how an ARR preamp ( example ) can pass any sort of RF. The only way I can see how it would work is if some sort of switch is inplace @ the antennas as well, the DC from the radio or sequencer switches the preamp IN place when RX'ing and OUT of place when TX'ing. 
Now if this is indeed the case.. and im going to assume it is.. where would I begin to look for a Coaxial Relay that can pass 1kw @ 432 / 144 mhz? Now I know your thinking HU? 1KW!!! This is not my intended power level for the sats.. dont worry.. its for ( in the future ) possibly trying some single or dual yagi EME. 

-Steve Raas

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