[amsat-bb] Re: Russian speaking QRM on AO-51 Rev: 13642

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 3 06:04:01 PST 2007

> Honestly, what can be done?...
> Hams reporting and witnessing has been the most
> effective deterent up here.

Absolutely.  We should all routinely SCAN the 145.800 to 145.990
satellite segment while we are not operating, and that is the
only way to find the abuse.  Waiting for a 10 minuet window a
few times a day will not help find someone in our own area.

Yes, the probability of being in simplex range of an illegal
operation is small, but it *is* something we can all do.
Because if you do hear anything, you will know much better where
it is.


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