[amsat-bb] Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance ( Flame)

Cathryn Mataga cathrynm at junglevision.com
Thu Feb 1 13:42:21 PST 2007

Steve wrote:
> I find this post Unbelievable.
> I've been moderately active on AO51 since it was first launched and have yet
> to hear anyone refuse to allow another access to the satellite.
> If the satellite is quiet, then why shouldn't a conversational qso be
> allowed?
 Maybe the chaos is more of an east coast thing?    I'm not sure if it's 
as busy
here in California as it is on the east coast.  At least I had kind of a 
casual low key chat,
on a Sunday evening awhile back.   I heard SO-50 fly by with one guy 
calling CQ, and me
fumbling around looking for how to set the PL, and nobody else answering.

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