[amsat-bb] now, 1.5 Lptops Per Child

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 30 07:33:21 PST 2007

> got our two OLPC's today on the door step.
> Son already found some source code and a game 
> and a complier or interpreter built-in.  
> I have not looked yet to see what code it was...

Also found it has an audio Oscilloscope built in.
with both AC and DC settings.  Oh, and a Camera
as well as a ranging device.  Apparently you can
range from one OLPC to another to measure distance.
I assume it is accoustic...

> Ordered another one (for me), since the deal 
> runs through tomorrow.  The 2 kids will take 
> our first two off to school, so I just 
> realized I needed another one for me....

> The 18/20 year old kids seemed to like them 
> (I was hoping they would ignore them and leave 
> them for me to play with)...
> Can't wait to see what the ham radio creative 
> minds come up with for these things.  Bob, Wb4APR

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