[amsat-bb] Re: 435 offset yagi phasing

jonny 290 jonny290 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 17:28:40 PST 2007

The 1/4 wave sections transform the 50 ohm antenna impedances to 100 
ohms at the end of the 75 ohm matching section. If you then use a tee to 
parallel the two antennas, the impedance follows the same rules as 
paralleled resistances, which means you have a 50 ohm  system at the tee.

You can do it another way, too - just tee the 50 ohm lines and off the 
tee run a 1/4 wave section of 37 ohm cable, made with two runs of 75 ohm 
coax in parallel. This transforms the 25 ohm impedance at the tee back 
up to 50 ohms at the end of the matching section.

I don't know which is superior - you have your options, though.

Andrew Rich wrote:
> Ok I have to ask the question.
> With offset yagis, those antennae that introduce circular polarisation by
> means of offsetting the second yagi 90 degress,
> why would you cut your coax to a 1/4 wave length ?
> You already have 90 degrees from the displacement of the yagis.
> It should not matter what length the 75 ohm coax is ?
> Would it not ?
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