[amsat-bb] Re: Ande

Viktor Kudielka viktor.kudielka at ieee.org
Fri Dec 28 02:08:28 PST 2007

Hello David,
The latest prediction for ANDE's rentry from Space-Track 
(2007-12-24 07:04:00 GMT) is 2007-12-25 06:34:00 GMT +/- 16 Hours,
with a Predicted Decay Location	 51.7° S, 228.9° E.
With the latest TLE (07358.55973872) a pass prediction for JN88
gave 05:39:28 - 05:45:01. At that time I couldn't hear any signal.
I am guessing therefore a reentry earlier than 05:40.
Let's wait for the final analysis.

Vy 73, Viktor OE1VKW

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