[amsat-bb] Re: FT-847 Disaster - THE PAIN! - It could be worse !

John W Lee k6yk at juno.com
Thu Dec 27 09:11:48 PST 2007

Don't feel too bad, we've all done things like that at one time
or another. 

Here's one for ya: 
One of the locals sold a nice  FT-301 (All solid state HF rig of the
at the swap meet one time.  The fella that bought it  called the seller
in a couple of days
and complained that the thing went up in smoke the first time he turned
it on ! 
He was very mad at the seller until he found out what happend........... 
Turns out  that he put an  A.C. plug on the end of the red and black
wires and plugged it
in and turned it on! 
Faint ! 

John, K6YK

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