[amsat-bb] Re: FT-847 Disaster - THE PAIN!

David Donaldson wb7dru at usfamily.net
Wed Dec 26 19:05:25 PST 2007

I too have felt THE PAIN with my FT-817.  After burning some traces due to
very high SWR from an external amp, I replaced all the relays, still would
not work.  I gave up after having one of the driver fets burn (real fire!)
TWICE.  I have a new PA board (not the finals) coming from Japan. The PA
board is only $275 and the other parts??? Priceless.  Why not just throw
away???? I'm to mad (both in the head and emotionally) to give up!  Beside's
I am starting to make friends at Yeasu (or this that Motorola)

Happy New Year's


Burnsville, MN USA

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Don't feel too bad Joe. ......

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