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Don't feel too bad Joe. Just last month I fried my IC-756 HF transceiver
radio. It now sits in the scrap bin at the Icom repair facility. A $900.00
loss. All finals and predriver transistors blown and a repair bill of over
$500.00 so I had it scrapped as I am sure other components were also close
to blown and would probably fail on its return back. It will be awhile
before I can get a replacement so pretty much out on all bands from HF to 6
meters now. The FT-847 is absolutely the best radio ever built for satellite
and EME work.

K7XQ Jeff
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432 MHz: 4 X M2 9 W.L. Modified for XPOL 1500 Watts single GS35b 
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2304 MHz/2320 MHz/2424 MHz: 3.0 meter dish VE4MA circular feed 200 watts
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Many Thanks for all of the responses and Merry Christmas to all!

I have done some preliminary troubleshooting and have discovered the 

The fuse and the electronic cap are fine.  I get good voltage to one side of

the relay, the relay coil appears to be energized but the 12 VDC stops at 
the relay.  I did jumper the 12 volts to the other side of the relay and the

display lights up and I hear noise from the speaker. But no frequency 

This is as far as I've gotten.  I did note on the schematic that the relay 
has two transistors (Q1118 & Q1122).   Q1118 is labeled as H-V Protection on

the block diagram. Both of these devices connect to the relay (FL1001). 
I've looked on both sides of the board and can't seem to locate these 

- Joe K7ZT

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