[amsat-bb] Re: FT-847 Disaster

Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon Dec 24 15:55:07 PST 2007

Don't feel bad,,
I had a Kenwood TS-700.
every lightning storm I'd unplug it from everything.

It had a built in 110VAC supply.  But the 4 connector plug was also the 
same plug you used for the 12VDC input,,  just different pins.

I must have a thousand times pulled this connector before a storm, and 
re attach it afterwards when I wanted to use the rig,

somehow one day  110VAC  went into the 12VDC pins, needless to say the 
rig did NOT like this even with the rig being off.

LOTS of smoke and missing parts on boards after this happened.

But it was a great rig,

It with NO preamp,  but 4  eight elemet  yagis i was able with a 40 
watt  amp I actually worked 22 stations off the moon.  and that was LONG 
before any of this new fangled software recieving stuff,  it was 
strictly with headphones and by ear.  way cool,,  wouldn't mind having 
another one.


Jim Jerzycke wrote:

>IIRC, the 847 has a "protection" diode across the DC
>input. Connecting the DC backwards will blow the fuse,
>and probably short the diode.
>You can download the service manual from the mods.dk
>73, Jim  KQ6EA
>--- k7zt at suddenlink.net wrote:
>>Hi All:
>>I'm afraid that I reversed the DC Polarity to my
>>FT-847.  Needless to say, "the smoked leaked out",
>>therefore, the 847 has ceased to operate.  
>>I understand that the 847 has protection for
>>careless hams like myself.. I was hopping that
>>someone on the board has had this experience (no
>>need to reveal). Or if someone could let me know
>>what may need to be replaced to get my radio back in
>>working order.
>>Many Thanks,
>>- Joe Westbrook, K7ZT
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