[amsat-bb] ANDE 1815z pass

Joe Veldhuis jvn8fq at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 10:57:45 PST 2007

Was able to copy a few packets this pass, too bad none of them were tlm...

Rx: fm ANDE-2 to APRS1-0 via SGATE-0 UI  pid=F0
:BLN1ANDE :ANDE-1 only wakes up 1  of evry 15s for users. Pse conserve.

Rx: fm VE4NSA-0 to CQ-0 via ANDE-1 UI  pid=F0
=4958.81N/09701.36W->73' Via Satellite, EN19lx, Manitoba {UISS51}

Rx: fm N8FQ-0 to T2UY6W-0 via ANDE-1 UI  pid=F0
`r_Il .y/

Note the first packet. I wasn't aware that there was anyone in NA that could activate side B, so seeing a beacon from ANDE-2 is quite a surprise. Am I mistaken, or did -2 turn itself on somehow?

Temps are still climbing, but very slowly...

-Joe, N8FQ

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