[amsat-bb] Re: KiwiSAT - Not just another one!

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 24 07:05:20 PST 2007

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>From: broberts at mta.ca
>Note that the request is in USD, but the paypal site is in NZD. $131 (NZD) 
>is about $100 USD.
>Let's see if by Jan 1 2008 99 more of us can give themselves a $100 (US)
>piece of Kiwisat for Christmas, so Terry and the rest will get the boost
>they deserve!

Make it 98! I've been following this project with great interest. US Paypal users may have issues logging on to Paypal via the link on the webpage (I did), but I sent it to the address at the top of the page from a US Paypal log-on. Maybe someone from -ZL could tell us if that worked from their end.

73 and Merry Christmas,
Drew KO4MA

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