[amsat-bb] Re: KiwiSAT - Not just another one!

broberts@mta.ca broberts at mta.ca
Mon Dec 24 05:42:29 PST 2007

Quoting Terry Carrell <tcarrell at xtra.co.nz>:

> KiwiSAT; we're building it for you!
> Did you enjoy using the Phase-3 satellites?
> Remember the UoSATs?
> Are you using some of the current units?
> To finish the satellite to flight-ready status, (less solar cells) we
> need to raise some $10,000, which is about what we have given to other
> projects. So if you agree that its pay-back time, and you like what we
> are doing, perhaps you might like to contribute to this venture into
> space.
> You can contribute large or small, direct or via PayPal, just visit our
> informative website at http://www.kiwisat.org, all help is greatly
> appreciated. Be assured your contribution will be thankfully received
> and faithfully applied.


The KiwiSat folks have been very generous in communicating their progress,
including some interesting videos, which I've used in teaching contexts.
The bird will include the best of both worlds for LEO enthusiasts: both FM
and linear transponders!

Note that the request is in USD, but the paypal site is in NZD. $131 (NZD) 
is about $100 USD.

Let's see if by Jan 1 2008 99 more of us can give themselves a $100 (US)
piece of Kiwisat for Christmas, so Terry and the rest will get the boost
they deserve!

73, Bruce

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