[amsat-bb] ANDE 23Dec / 12:24 UTC: still good

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Mon Dec 24 04:34:49 PST 2007

During the 10 degrees pass here ANDE was still operational.

ANDE-1 digipeat:
!S 12:26:04 !:Experimental Satellite Radio Communication
!T 12:26:06 !PA3GUO-8>APRS,ANDE-1*,qAO,PE1ITR::Experimental Satellite Radio Communication

ANDE-2 wake up provided a telemtry packet as well:
!S 12:28:02 !:side B
!T 12:28:02 !ANDE-2>BEACON,qAo,DK3WN-1:T#001,138,156,162,174,167,10101111,000


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