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Marcus Leech mleech at nortel.com
Fri Dec 21 11:59:31 PST 2007

Robert McGwier wrote:

>This is sent with my OLPC.  What a great idea this project is.   It
>goes to show what can be acccomplished ny dedicated individuals,
>something familiar to a lot of people in these two groups.
>The thing does appear to have sufficient horsepower to do some DSP.
>I would like to think we can make several things available to this
>project.  For example, I think a tunable HF receiver for shortwave AM
>broadcast is easiy achievable for very modest cost. Further out, I
>would to see the use of this machine and OFDM skywave to provide WAN
>capability to large areas of the world without such capability.
>At least one Negroponte clearly has heart and vision.
>Happy holidays and I hope everyone is looking forward to 2008 with as
>much anticipation as I am.

I've been thinking along those same lines as well.

I actually am spending about 50% of my time doing security development 
for the OLPC (Nortel
  is a sponsor of OLPC, and through some internal deals, I got to spend 
50% of my time on
  OLPC for the last several months).

I did do some paper-tiger designs for a simple front-end to the audio 
subsystem for HF reception.
  But I was told my time was better spent on other things...


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