[amsat-bb] Re: Oscar 9 Re-entry

Dave Guimont dguimon1 at san.rr.com
Thu Dec 20 19:54:38 PST 2007

>FB on being the last to record UO-9.
>I keep thinking I came in second for the UO-9 Chicken Little 
>Contest, but I may well have come in third or fourth place.  I do 
>recall seeing the info somewhere and I keep thinking the top 3. :)
>I'm glad to have given you the "reminders" in this event and it 
>seems your sitting on quite a bit of data from this bird and that event.

That data is so similar to what I have I cannot believe it!

And we did it with little or no "tools" that exist today...A real 
pursuer, today,  should come within seconds!!  And ye gods, readers I 
know the variables that exist!!!

I've encapsulated the stuff I have, and will put it on my websiite 
with a notice here...

            73, Dave, WB6LLO
                dguimon1 at san.rr.com

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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