[amsat-bb] Vanguard 1 Reception?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 19 17:26:46 PST 2007

Anyone with an EME dish that can mount a 108 MHz feed?

Rumor has it that Vanguard 1 should still be emitting a tiny
singal on 108.00 MHz since it was directly powered by solar
cells.  It has gotten weaker and weaker over the last 50 years
using the 1957 solar cell technology, but what the heck.  It
would be a nice challenge for someone with a really big dish..

Just thought I'd post, since I had not heard of this frequency
and the fact that it is radiating.. You just have to have good
ears.  And with some of the really good sound-card DSP stuff
these days, maybe it would show up on a waterfall.  The exact
frequency depends on temperature...  But it was at 108.00 MHz
last time it was heard.

My dish is kaput right now, so I'm out...

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> Bob,
> O.K., but they'll need lots and lots of gain.  Apparently, 
> the signal level is really, really low.
> I'll also ask Joe Rothenberg at United Space Network if he'll 
> give it a try.  He has some really big dishes.
> Gil
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