[amsat-bb] Re: ISS crew ham contacts?

francesco messineo iz5dwf at amsat.org
Wed Dec 19 01:34:56 PST 2007

Hi Nate and all,

On 12/19/07, Nate Duehr <nate at natetech.com> wrote:

> ARISS does a GREAT job even just having us "on board".  Thanks guys.
> It's one of the only ways us astronaut "wanna-bees" can say we've ever
> interacted in a personal way with ISS... otherwise it's just something
> we know is up there and can see during certain passes when the sun
> angles are right.  Watching the construction on NASA TV just isn't the
> same as having talked to someone "up there".

that's similiar for me, that's why sometimes I wonder if I can catch
someone up there just to say HI :-) I only had a contact with ISS when
Bill McArthur was up there. I just asked about the current situation
because it's tiring to call all the time :-)

Thanks and 73
Francesco IZ8DWF

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