[amsat-bb] ANDE re-entry heating.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 18 14:25:48 PST 2007

ANDE is warming.
See "side A telemetry" link on the web page a few inches below
the chart:

But the temperature is also rising because each day, ANDE's
orbit is precessing into more and more sun.  But it looks to me
like the solar beta angle maximizes on the 19th and then
eclipses start increasing in length again.

SO any heating after the 19th is re-entry heat.

I did my beta angle predictions by eyeball with Instantrack.  If
anyone has a better forcast of beta angle, it would be a useful
data point beyond which temperature rises are due to re-entry.
(or so it woiuld seem to me)...


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