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Jim Wright wrightjrjr at verizon.net
Mon Dec 17 19:45:18 PST 2007

Been there done that in the Mid Atlantic area.  We could charge a hut in 
about two hours so it would last the expected 8 hours on the spec. 
sheet, if the batteries are in good shape to start with.  In an eight 
hour shift you could get three huts recharged,  by then the first hut 
had eight hours discharge and was ready for another boost.
Bad news for those folks if the batteries were old and only good for two 
hours.  Often the were charged during the daylight bussiness hours and 
left to chance so we could go home and recharge the technicians. 
 You may know that much of the outside cable is now fiber, requiring 
more batteries for the terminal end.  Those sites for cable TV and 
electronic telephone will often have small portable generators chained 
to them to prevent the theft. 

Yes!  It gets cold out in the snow, but it gets just as difficult after 
a hurricane blows through.  Most big  telecom companies have a few 
portable generators to cover many sites.  They don't usually have enough 
trucks with proper hitches to tow ALL of their generators at one time.  
It takes a lot of manpower and coordination.  Not quite as costly as 
getting a ride to AO-40 and doing a repair/recharge on her.

73 from a retired telephone generator dragger.


Anthony Monteiro wrote:

>At 08:30 PM 12/17/2007, Nate Duehr wrote:
>>This service will be coming from U.S. carriers who wouldn't even put
>>battery/generator backup on most of their wireless POP's until told to
>>do so by the FCC after Katrina:
>>Even with the new ruling, the FCC only recommends that such sites
>>operate for 8 hours on emergency power.
>Hey Nate,
>You may get a kick out of this. One of my buddies (an AMSAT member) here in
>New England worked for the phone company and mentioned one night that
>he had been dispatched during a miserable snow storm to a cell site with
>a portable generator as power was out. After hooking it up, he had to stay
>in his car and "babysit" the generator all night long. When I asked him why
>he said that "otherwise, the generator would be stolen by the morning!"
>Tony AA2TX
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