[amsat-bb] Re: Safekeep Sat Radios

sco@sco-inc.com sco at sco-inc.com
Sat Dec 15 16:25:35 PST 2007

At 06:14 PM 12/15/2007, you wrote:
>Just use good lightng arrestors -- many will protect against EMP. Of course,
>since EMP is generated by exploding a bomb in the stratosphere, we don't
>have to worry about this in terrorist attacks.

why would you say no worry?  a suitcase bomb in a private plane, 
owned, rented or stolen (by terrorists) would have the same effect at 
10,000 feet as if it were delivered via a missile.

The EMP damage zone would exceed the blast zone and even the 
radiation zone if you were upwind.

Les W4SCO 

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