[amsat-bb] Re: Robert Mcqwier

AMSAT Director of Education n6tx at amsat.org
Sat Dec 15 08:33:17 PST 2007

Gunther Meisse wrote:

> Paul, et al
> During our National Fundraising Feasibility Study we were told that very
> thing many, many times by the very people who we will count on for the
> millions of dollars we will need to fulfill the AMSAT program of work. 

I'm not disputing the reality of that position, Gunther, just urging 
diplomacy, so we don't antagonize our graying membership (of which you 
and I are prime examples).  Callous disdain of the elderly (or 
statements which are perceived as that) will not benefit us in the long run.

73,  Paul

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
AMSAT Director of Education
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