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Paul, et al
During our National Fundraising Feasibility Study we were told that very
thing many, many times by the very people who we will count on for the
millions of dollars we will need to fulfill the AMSAT program of work. It 
is a cold hard fact.... We must do innovative technical things and have a
functioning Educational program if we are ever to raise the necessary funds.
Gunther Meisse
AMSAT Treasurer
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As reported by Fred Parker, Robert McGwier wrote:

>> No one is interesting in funding a private repeater for 20 guys to talk
>> to each other about their brand new scars and brand new meds and we
>> would be FOOLS to kowtow to people who will be dead or uninterested
>> before we get into orbit.

	Did you *really* say that?  If that's truly your attitude, you may
be dead before we get into orbit!
	Seriously, I assume that the above comment was probably made in a 
private email.  But, you should know that anything said in a private 
email can be considered public domain, and *will* get repeated.  This 
one got posted to amsat-bb.  It's the kind of statement that, taken out 
of context, can hurt AMSAT.  Diplomacy is called for.
	73, Paul

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
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