[amsat-bb] Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sat Dec 15 09:15:57 PST 2007

I'll  agree with this completely.
While we are NO AMSAT,  we here at Near Space Sciences, (one of the 
balloon groups) have in the heat of the launch excitement have just 
plain forgot to turn something "ON"

Without a formal checklist,  where everything must be checked off the 
list before liftoff, or lift off doesn't happen,  something is bound to 
be missed.  it happens on our simple payloads,  i can not even imagine  
the complexity of a real AMSAT  type of bird!


Robert McGwier wrote:

>Yet again, a statement based on no knowledge of the real situation.
>MOST space failures are caused by exactly this kind of thing.  A wrench
>left behind and falling and puncturing a tank.  Incomplete testing of
>this or that and a SUPPOSITION that it was "Okay".  Satellites not
>bolted down when everyone assumed it was and a $100,000,000 satellite
>falls to the floor.  These space things are extremely complex and if
>every system had to be tested to perfection, none could afford them.
>The goal of a good trained space/spacecraft engineer is to design robust
>systems that have the really supercritical things testable and the rest,
>well, the rules for that are in the adjoining testing manual (the local
>religious book, for prayer).

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