[amsat-bb] Phase 4 versus Eagle discussion seen from Copenhagen, Europe

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Sat Dec 15 06:50:05 PST 2007

Hi all,
I do not want to go into this discussion from a political 
point of view - just technical.
>From my point of view looking at it from Copenhagen, the 
most interesting thing is where the GEO is placed.
A fast look at NOVA manipulating existing GEO satellite 
keps makes it clear that a position at around 90 degrees West 
will put NA and SA into the footprint (including Hawaii and Alaska).
This position will place me outside the footprint - and 
most of Europe as well.
If shifted to 60 degrees West I can just make it :-)
That is with an elevation of 2.4 degrees and a range 
around 41400 km.
If I can make it will amongst other factors depend upon the 
radiation pattern of the antennas on the satellite.
Regarding frequencies I agree with Ed, KL7UW. Lots of 
us have the equipment and antennas to work L/S.
Also any station able to work L2/S2 on AO-40 should 
be able to make it.

The comments above assumes SSB - but if we add the possibilities 
to use digital forms of (voice) modulation, we can add the  
advantage of Forward Error Correction.

A non technical comment: Go for both.

73 OZ1MY

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