[amsat-bb] Safekeep Sat Radios

sco@sco-inc.com sco at sco-inc.com
Thu Dec 13 23:11:17 PST 2007

Has anyone thought about the idea/need/way to safeguard a few ham 
radio sets in an area in case of EMP? A nuclear device set off above 
ground will wipe out all modern electronics (ham sat radios) within a 
large distance from the epicenter. Even if the radios are outside the 
blast and radiation areas they would be useless because of the EMP 
(electro magnetic pulse). I would think that HS might be willing to 
fund a way to create some safe rooms to store some ham gear around 
the country. Perhaps even a large "safe box"? Ham satellite gear 
should be in this category.


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