[amsat-bb] New Magnet Space Organization...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 13 09:58:41 PST 2007

> We  need to reform, regroup with new leadership 
> and form a NEW  ORGANIZATION.

This is a good idea...

Hopefully such a new organization would be a magnet to attract
all the dreamers and complainers and arm chair designers.  Maybe
the New leadership could promise the sky and at least keep them
busy enough with pipe-dreams and visions and circular
complaining to satisfy all their needs.

Mean time, then the few dedicated volunteers of the old AMSAT
that are doing the best they can to find a launch, and effective
hardware, can stay focused on the light at the end of this long

Ham radio never-ever acomplishes anything by complaints and
telling others what they "should be doing".  Ham radio only
makes progress when those with the initiative and the knowledge,
and the interst just go forward.  It is really best to just stay
out of the way and support them in the charge.

If one doesn't have the access, tools, knowledge or time, to
push the momentum forward, then the best one can do is
contribute to support the efforts of those that do.  But
complaining and trying to re-direct the energies of the "movers"
accompishes -nothing- in the positive direction towards success.
It only hinders it.

Getting to space is extremely complex.  There are very precious
few in AMSAT who actually can pull it  off.  We need to stand
behind them with support and not at all sides shooting at them.


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