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Rick Hambly (W2GPS) w2gps at cnssys.com
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You continue to insult me. I never attacked your "intellectual capacity." I
only said you were not well informed.

If you would like to see a working SDR come to an AMSAT gathering. The delay
in getting hardware that looks good is due to our reliance on volunteers,
not bad science or engineering. The fact that you don't believe in SDR
transponders doesn't make them any less real or practical.

Phase 4 will use the same modules and payloads as Eagle (P3) there is no
difference.  The module housings you made were valuable as they proved that
the bent sheet metal approach would not work. It is too flexible. We will
need a milled baseplate. This is not a failure - it is part of the
successful evolution of a new design called Eagle. 

Some of us have donated huge amounts of our time to AMSAT and it is tiring
to be attacked in public like this. It is unjustified and not consistent
with the facts. 


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First in my original post I wanted to stimulate a debate on the feasibility
of Phase 4.   I received to many e-mail's off line to count all afraid to
say anything on the bb.   Everyone supporting my opinion not one negative,
thank you all for the support.   I did also receive emails from Rick Hambly
and Robert McGuire attesting to my lack of intellectual capacity.  (attack
the messenger not the message) In his Email to me Mr. McQwier also
challenged me to submit a resolution to the BOD and he would second it.   My
plans are to take him up on it.   I actually plan on submitting two off
   First:  To form a committee of amateurs in and out of Amsat with
technical skills to asses the viability of SDR.   The number one reason for
this is after three years I have not been able to find one instance where
anyone has produced a working SDR transponder.   Second:   One night
recently while talking on two meter ssb to a local retired ham, a retired
collage professor with a PHD.    Who rights his own SDR software.   When
explaining what Amsat was trying to do his words were good luck.   If this
SDR is such a good thing those behind it should welcome a full per review
and prove me wrong.

    Second:   To form a committee of hams to survey hams both in and out of
Amsat on what they want in a future satellite.    With the goal of bringing
in new hams for increasing membership in Amsat.

This is my opinion and I feel free to express it because over the last three
years I have donated at least $30,000.00 US dollars in CNC Machine shop work
to Amsat. Especially to the Eagle project.   As I see it now the project
actually has gone backward.  How would you feel if you spent a whole winter
working on the Eagle Module's pro bono and just because you did not agree
with something that your intelligence would be attacked.   I just got off
Eagle Pedia and could not find updated mechanical drawings as the old design
has been scrapped.   I want again to state this is my opinion.   It is my
believe that Rick Hambly and his phase 4 are just a diversion to cover up
his past failures with the hardware and software for present projects.   How
does Amsat realistically plan on paying for such a project that when I
confronted him via email that he did not deny would cost a minimum of $5
million dollars.  As for the rest, it is being covered pretty well on this

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